CCCM – Body Bags

John Carpenter channels his inner Crypt Keeper for Showtime in this anthology movie from 1993.  It’s Body Bags on CCCM.   Listen, right click and download, or find us on Itunes or Stitcher.


CCCM is happy to be a part of Throwback Network.  Check them out for dozens of other great retro podcasts!


3 Responses to CCCM – Body Bags

  1. Whit says:

    Good episode, Doug! Thanks for the mention, by the way. “Body Bags” is not considered a “John Carpenter’s” type-of-thing by fandom. It’s just an oddity.

    The anthology horror movie podcast idea is still something I’d like to do. I just don’t know If I want to try a one-man podcast because I think production value is very important if going solo. Also, where are you seeing some of these CCCMovies? I’ve never even heard of most of them. -Whit

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