In The Theater – July 1993

It’s July 1993, the final month of the in the theater era.  Listen, right click and download, or find us on iTunes and Stitcher.


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2 Responses to In The Theater – July 1993

  1. robohara says:

    I think I may have seen Son in Law in theaters, too. It’s tough to believe there was a time when the Weas–el’s act wasn’t annoying. It was, at best, a brief moment in time.

    I saw In the Line of Fire in a drive in with my wife before we moved in together. Come to think of it, it might have been a double-header with Last Action Hero!

    I definitely saw Robin Hood: Men in Tights in the theater. You’re right, some of the jokes are hit or miss, and this one has aged better than some of his other movies. You should definitely see Young Frankenstein — it is full of classic moments (“Put… the candle…BACK”) although the ending isn’t great. Some of his earlier films are full of racial jokes that didn’t age well at all.

    Here’s a funny story. We were having dinner with a bunch of co-workers once when someone brought up “free will.” A bunch of us were having a deep discussion about free will when our boss (who was, in his defense, at the far end of the table) perked up and said, “Free Willy? I love that movie!” The conversation quickly changed to whether or not Willy had free will or not.

    Congratulations on another podcast well done. I agree, this era feels different from the earlier 80s movies and different from what was to come. Good job capturing it! On to better things!

    • Doug says:

      Thanks bud! That’s funny about free Willy! I saw In The Line of Fire years later; don’t remember much except that I thought Eastwood was too old for Russo.

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