In The Theater – April 1993

It’s April 1993 and I’m checking out what’s springing up in the theater.  Listen, right click and download, or find us on iTunes and Stitcher.

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4 Responses to In The Theater – April 1993

  1. robohara says:

    Even though I didn’t see the Sandlot until last year (after my kids saw it at school), I grew up saying, “You’re KILLING me, Smalls!” even though I had no idea who this “Smalls” was. I was just thinking about the “red haired” kid the other day after seeing the latest Progressive Insurance commercial. Still tough to take him as an adult:

    I can’t remember if I saw The Dark Half in theaters, but a friend of mine worked at a movie rental store and ended up getting me the giant cardboard display from that movie. It was 3D (well, layered) and gigantic. I didn’t even like the movie all that much and eventually got rid of it.

    The only other April, 1993 movie I saw was “Who’s the Man?” starring Ed Lover and Doctor Dre, the hosts from Yo! MTV Raps. Denis Leary is in that movie, too. 1993 was a good year for him.

    • Doug says:

      I never heard anyone say, “You’re killing me Smalls” until a couple weeks ago. Weird. But yeah, every time I see that kid, I think, “You can’t be an adult. You’re not allowed.” Fortunately, I missed “Who’s The Man”.

      • robohara says:

        A couple of years ago (at least 5, maybe more) I found a box of baseball hats at a garage sale. I am not a big fan of used hats, but these were all promo hats from movies. There was one for Stargate and one for Lake Placid and even one for Who’s the Man. I bought the whole box for $5 and then never wore any of the hats. I think the reality was less exciting than the concept. Anyway, I always get Who’s the Man (a cop movie starring the guys from Yo! MTV Raps) and Disorderlies (a hospital movie starring the Fat Boys) mixed up, although they both belong to the same genre (“terrible films”).

      • Doug says:

        I have seen Disorderlies. If Who’s The Man isn’t any better, I’m not missing anything.

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