In The Theater – March 1991

It may be warming up outside, but I’m more interested in what is happening inside.  Inside the theater in March 1991, that is!  Listen, right click and download, or find us on iTunes and Stitcher.


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2 Responses to In The Theater – March 1991

  1. robohara says:

    Another great episode! How quickly we turned on Vanilla Ice. Whenever I think of David Warner, other than Tron, I always think of Time After Time (when he played Jack the Ripper). I hadn’t heard of a few of these movies like Defending Your Life (Meryl Streep!) or Career Opportunities. Some of them don’t seem like someone your age (at the time) would have been interested in — was there something that drew you to them, or did you just see everything at that time?

    • dougmccoy38 says:

      Yeah, took me days to remember Streep! I’m not sure why we saw some things. We weren’t exactly seeing “everything” (though I often say it that way). I don’t know what made me see something like Defending Your Life but not Billy Bathgate or Bugsy. I think it sometimes had to do with opportunity; I just didn’t have the chance to see those that weekend, and if I didn’t see it opening weekend, I often didn’t want to see it. Weird.
      I’m listening to Movie Theater Memories right now!

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