Crazy Creepy Cool Movies – Cloak and Dagger

Get your 20-sided dice and your walkie talkie.  We’re going on a spy adventure with Davy and Jack Flack in Cloak and Dagger.  Listen, right click and download, or find us on Itunes or Stitcher.


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6 Responses to Crazy Creepy Cool Movies – Cloak and Dagger

  1. robohara says:

    It’s always tough to hear that those “perfect” movies from your youth weren’t so perfect after all.

    I started using the modem on my dad’s computer in 1983, at the age of 10. At that time my handle was “Robbie Franklin” (we had a Franklin Ace 1000 computer) but in 1984, I changed my alias to “Jack Flack,” which eventually evolved into simply “Flack.” I referred to my little sister as Lady Ace a few times, but the name didn’t stick.

    Like a lot of comedies that are designed to work on multiple levels (simple comedy for kids with more innuendos for adults), I feel like Cloak and Dagger works on multiple levels. When you and I saw it as kids, it was a movie about a kid getting caught up in a real life spy thriller. As a young adult, I saw it more as a “coming of age” film from Davey’s point of view as he starts off playing the game Cloak and Dagger but eventually outgrows it. Now, as an adult, I relate more to Davey’s father. It’s funny how as a kid I thought Davey’s father was a bad guy and now I can relate to him!

    Cloak and Dagger is by no means a perfect film, but I sure did love it as a kid, and I still have a fondness for it today. Maybe this weekend I’ll see if I can get my kids to sit through it.

    • dougmccoy38 says:

      Thanks Rob. It is a great film, just wasn’t as BTTF-ish as I remembered. Like you, I identify a lot more with Coleman now. Age, man, it does things to you!

      • robohara says:

        While listening, I was thinking to myself, “I wonder if Doug is going to mention how much his daughter looks like Lady Ace?” I laughed out loud when you did — those two could be spy twins! My favorite line of hers (Christina Nigra’s, not your daughters) from Twilight Zone was, “you heard the captain — no smoking! N O S M O K I N G! Noooo smoking!”

        Every single time you said “Flack” on the show, I looked around and said, “is Doug talking about me?” I have been going by “Jack Flack” and “Flack” for over 30 years now. It was not uncommon to hear my mom yell out, “Phone call for Jack Flack!” when I was a kid. I was really cracking up.

        That special effect at the end where Osbourne/Flack is walking away from the explosion has always been horrible. I think the explosion is a rear projection, and it’s being played in slow motion. I remember thinking it looked terrible when I first saw the film in theaters, and it still looks horrible today.

        Finally, i was surprised when you mentioned Dabney Coleman and your first point of reference was 9 to 5. Aside from this role, Coleman will always be McKittrick from WarGames to me.

  2. dougmccoy38 says:

    You think she looks like Lady Ace too? Before I said that? That’s hilarious. I forgot the “no smoking”. That’s great, but I still love, “You used to be a normal person…”

    I forgot Coleman was in WarGames. He is so ubiquitous, almost a “that guy in that thing”, that it’s easy to lose him.

  3. robohara says:

    Hey, I thought it was “Flack to Lady Ace,” not “Lady Ace to Flack!” 😉

    One final thought — I re-watched the film yesterday with my grown-up eyeballs and… yeah, there’s a lot that really doesn’t hold up. The biggest problem I had was that Davey literally had hundreds of chances to tell someone that people were trying to kill him. My mom would always let us roam Walmart and the local grocery store while she was shopping and if anyone tried to nab us, kick and scream real loud. (This was before Amber Alerts; this was the best we had.) I get that Davey’s dad didn’t believe him but what about Kim’s mom? Or the guard outside the Alamo? Or anyone along the Riverwalk? Or, or…

    I hate to say it but I think maybe, like Davey, I got too old for Jack Flack’s antics.

    • dougmccoy38 says:

      Yeah, sad isn’t it. Aubrey and I were eating a couple nights ago, and she sounded so much like Christina Nigra that I thought, “I know what I’m going to have her do.” Next time I’ll have her Vox you and say, “NO SMOKING!”

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