Crazy Creepy Cool Movies – Ice Pirates

Hide your ice and your princesses!  Jason and his crew on are the raid again in 1984’s The Ice Pirates.  Listen, right click and download, or find us on Itunes or Sticher.

[audio] MP3

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3 Responses to Crazy Creepy Cool Movies – Ice Pirates

  1. robohara says:

    I died a little inside when you said you didn’t own copies of the Star Wars movies, but other than that, it was great. In regards to the “Whoope would have made it work” crack, I assume it’s Whoopi Goldberg as she was a regular on Hollywood Squares for many years with Bruce Vilanch. I haven’t thought about this film since the HBO days and may have to revisit it again soon. Thanks for the good memories!

  2. Michael says:

    Hey there, Doug. I’ve been out of commission for a number of weeks and am just getting caught up. You’ve done some really good work lately! I was especially into the Plague episode. Don’t sell your insights and thoughts short; some of those episodes have been some of your better ones, in my opinion.

    Ahh, Ice Pirates. I’ve never seen it, but my wife did when she as little. Her father took the family to the theater, and her mother kept pulling her out at anything she thought was remotely objectionable. She’s actually bothered by the movie because of the removable head you mentioned. 😀 I plan to check it out now, and told her that it’s actually something of a comedy and she might want to revisit it as an adult and with that context in mind.

  3. dougmccoy38 says:

    Thanks for the good words, guys. It’s funny to think of someone being disturbed by this movie. Funny, that is, until I think of those metal jaws.

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