80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode – Friday the 13th “Hellowe’en”

It’s another 80s Anthologies Halloween special as Whit and I gather around the Jack O’Lantern to discuss the Friday the 13th: The Series episode “Hellowe’en”.   Listen, right click and download, or find us on Itunes or Stitcher.



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One Response to 80s Anthologies: Episode By Episode – Friday the 13th “Hellowe’en”

  1. Dan says:

    Well, we are all in agreement that the best thing about this episode is Robey. 80s Hawt – big hair and all.

    I also agree that the concept of having a party in a cursed curio shop and then not locking the cursed objects away from curious and prying eyes, was down right idiotic. But, while I’m thinking about it, if Ryan and Micki threw a better party, nobody would have wandered off and gotten into trouble. A little less Jack, more jamming tunes, some better eye-candy and this could have been a different tale altogether. I guess people just didn’t have the whole “party to influence and distract” concept down back then – case in point, Jack’s Magic Act. He was supposed to be a former stage magician? Where? The matinée show at the Lodi Grape Festival?

    On the positive side, it does indeed reinforce what movie and TV have always taught us. Casting magical spells – even if you don’t believe – is just a bad idea.
    I personally have always believed that not everyone can cast a spell, much like not everyone can throw with perfect accuracy, pick up a guitar and play, or read a book on C++ and become an overnight computer hacking guru. But hey – why take chances? Maybe I am a spell caster and just don’t know it. And it’s Halloween, the veil is thin, …

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