Never Seen It – Escape From New York

Heather and I try to Escape From New York with Snake Plissken.   Listen, right click and save as, or find us on Itunes or Stitcher.


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5 Responses to Never Seen It – Escape From New York

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  2. Hi Doug, I’m not sure if you follow Forgotten Films or not. It’s a good site, and he also has a really good podcast. From August 24-31 they are doing a blog-a-thon about movies from 1984. Maybe you could do a post or a podcast (or even do a podcast episode with Todd from that site) about a movie from that year. You can check out the description about the event at

    I’m going to do an article about Star Trek III. If you’re interested, you can contact Todd at I think you guys would do an awesome podcast episode together if your schedules allowed it.

    • dougmccoy38 says:

      Yeah, I follow the podcast and the blog. Great stuff. I thought about submitting a post, but I forgot about it. I’ll take a look at the list again. Thanks bud!

      • No problem!

        By the way, this was a great episode. I don’t know how or why, but I had not seen Escape From New York before. When I saw that you posted this podcast, I finally watched the movie, and liked it a lot. The plot is different, but a lot of the characters in this movie remind me of the characters in the Mad Max movies.
        Was Escape from L.A. good?

      • dougmccoy38 says:

        Sorry to say, but I don’t think Escape from LA was good. However, I was at a pretty down time in my life when I saw it, so that might have colored things. Thanks for the good words!

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