Never Seen It – Dead Poets Society

Heather and I finally keep our promise and dig into Dead Poet’s Society.  Way to carpe diem!  Listen, right click and save as, or find us on Itunes.


3 Responses to Never Seen It – Dead Poets Society

  1. GammaDev says:

    Arachnophobia was Hollywood Pictures, not Touchstone. Like Touchstone, they were in the Disney family. Touchstone was first and meant to allow Disney to release more adult movies without the (at the time) negative “kiddie” image that the Disney name had. Disney felt movies like Tron and the Black Hole were financially hurt by the “Walt DIsney Pictures” label plus studio execs didn’t want swearing and nudity associated with the Disney name. Splash was the first Touchstone Picture and was a huge hit. By the late eighties, Touchstone Pictures had a great image with most of Disney’s prestige movies (like Dead Poets Society) being released under that label. It was Disney’s Miramax before Miramax existed. Then Disney worried about hurting the Touchstone image with certain “popcorn” movies like Arachnophobia, so the “Hollywood Pictures” label was formed. As the name suggests, it was meant to be for high concept summer movies with no pretense about winning awards or anything. Think of Touchstone and Hollywood Pictures like Maxis and EA Sports- at the end of the day they’re the same parent company but with different target audiences.

  2. GammaDev says:

    And Gremlins is not a Touchstone or a Hollywood Pictures release. Touchstone made several great movies like DPS, Good Morning Vietnam, Adventures in Babysitting, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Rocketeer, Dick Tracy, Nightmare Before Christmas, Ed Wood- so a bunch of great movies. They’ve had turkeys too, but so has every studio.

    • dougmccoy38 says:

      Got schooled! Thanks for the info. I do remember those sensationalistic commercials for Arachnophobia and Gremlins 2, though, and the fact that they detracted from the films as a whole and thus made me suspicious of any films or studios that had that similar feel. I can’t find them anywhere, but if you do,please let me know. Thanks for listening!

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